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How To Easily Fold Fitted Sheets

Though it may require some practice, it is possible to fold even fitted sheets in a manner that allows them to fit nicely into your linen closet. The art of folding the fitted sheets seems to have been lost in time. Certainly, young women were taught hold to fold in the old days, but with women joining the work force, many homemaking skills were no longer passed on.

Using the following steps you will be able to easily accomplish a clean fold that helps to eliminate wrinkles.

1. Folding is always easiest to accomplish on a flat surface. Select your surface and lie the sheet down with the elastic corners facing upward. Tuck each of the corners in so that they lie flat. Take the top right corner, and turn it inside out. Pull this corner to you and tuck it into the bottom right corner. Repeat this process with the left side. This results in the sheet being folded crosswise, with the top half being neatly tucked into the bottom half.

2. Flatten and smooth each corner by placing your hand underneath the diagonal fold and working the material smooth.

3. The next step will be to fold the entire sheet in half lengthwise. At this point each layered corner should be atop each other. Three of these corners should be tucked into one, with the edges once again being smoothed out.

4. With the corners addressed, perform another lengthwise fold, followed by a crosswise fold. Feel free to fold into thirds if you would prefer.

Additional Tips

* Wrinkles are much easier to avoid if the sheets are folded as soon as they come out of the dryer. Should you forget about them, dampen a washcloth and toss it in the dryer with the sheets. Run the dryer for ten more minutes and then remove and fold the sheets.

* Tucking fitted sheets and pillowcases into the flat sheet is an excellent way to keep sets together and produce a cleaner appearance in the linen closet.

* As a general rule, there should be three sets of sheets for each bed. This will allow you to always have one set in use, one in the laundry, and one stored within the linen closet.

* Storing different size sheets on different shelves will make it easy to pull and use the correct sets.

* Should you desire the outward appearance of having ironed sheets within your closet, but do not wish to iron all of the sheets, iron only the pillowcases and part of the flat sheet that will be seen when the sheets are stored.

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